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Top 10 Halloween decoration trends in 2023

Curious to hear what’s popular Halloween decoration trends based on past trends and also emerging interests? Halloween season can be full of magic, mystery, and spooky fun!

The actual trends for 2023 may differ but here are ten Halloween decoration trends I’ve found for 2023. Images I created using AI.

  1. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Decorations: With increasing environmental awareness, there may be a trend toward eco-friendly Halloween decorations made from recycled materials or items that can be reused in subsequent years.
  2. Vintage and Retro Decor: Nostalgia often plays a role in decorating trends. Vintage or retro-themed Halloween decorations, reminiscent of classic horror films or styles from past decades, are popular.
  3. Minimalist and Modern Aesthetics: A minimalist approach to Halloween decor with clean lines, neutral colors, and simple yet impactful designs might gain popularity among those looking for a more contemporary look.
  4. DIY and Handmade Decorations: Homemade and crafty Halloween decorations are a timeless trend. People may continue to embrace DIY projects to create unique and personalized decor items.
  5. Tech-Enhanced Decorations: Incorporating technology into decorations, such as animated props, sound effects, or smart lighting controlled via remotes or apps, are becoming more prevalent.
  6. Gothic and Dark Elegance: A darker and more elegant Halloween style, often referred to as “elegant gothic,” may see an uptick in popularity, featuring black and deep jewel tones, velvet fabrics, and ornate details.
  7. Haunted Garden and Outdoor Displays: Outdoor Halloween decorations, including haunted garden themes, could become more elaborate with eerie landscapes, fog machines, and animatronic creatures.
  8. Pop Culture and Movie-Inspired Decor: Decorations inspired by popular movies, TV shows, or video games with Halloween themes could be a hit among enthusiasts.
  9. Nature Inspired: Color palates pulled from nature, rustic, organic or eerie vibes can be nature inspired. Obviously pumpkins are grown in pumpkin patches! But you can also use leaf garlands around doorways, staircases or along your mantel.  Pinecones and acorns can be painted spooky colors and arranged on a table or in bowls and vases.  Branch centerpieces are also cool. You can add any color tea light twines!  I’ve seen the big branches spray painted black or silver and accented with either spiders, mini pumpkins or fake black crows.  Of course wreathes are huge for any holiday including Halloween! Dried corn husks, twigs and berries look cool.  Add some faux spiders or bats for a spooky vibe. Moss and Lichen: Incorporate moss and lichen into your decor. Cover pumpkins, candle holders, or even tabletops with sheets of moss for a spooky forest look.  I did a staked heirloom pumpkin DIY with different colored moss, you can see on my Instagram @cleaninvogue.

Faux Spider Webs and Spiders: Place faux spider webs in your decor, among branches or near your leaf garlands. Add some realistic-looking plastic spiders to complete the spooky scene.  Woodland creatures:  Animal figurines like owls, ravens, or black cats.

  1. Interactive and Immersive Decor: Decorations that engage visitors with interactive elements, like Haunted houses, escape room-style setups or 3D illusions, might see increased interest. If you decide to host a party, you can make Halloween themed cocktails or mocktails with catchy names like “Monsters Mash Margarita” or “Red Moon”.  Baked good like “rice creepies or “poison apples”.

Remember that trends can vary by region and personal preferences, so what’s popular in one area or among certain demographics may differ from others. To stay updated on the latest seasonal decoration trends in 2023, consider joining my on trend home decor DIY monthly membership where you can make your very own decorations inside a fun private community with the supply lists and instructions all done for you and you can share your creations with the group and get inspired by other member’s work!  Hope to see you in there!

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