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Power Up Your Joy, Safety & Confidence in Clean Style

All natural cleaning products
with re-usable glass bottles

safe for kids and pets!

“…and no smelly fumes! I love that!” 

Eco Friendly Power
in Eco Friendly Style


Use plant based, all natural cleaning products that are powerful, effective and smell amazing.

Preserve the earth and her oceans by reducing plastic usage.

Enjoy and display beautiful, environmentally friendly glass bottles.

Be part of the
You Clean Girl Community Movement!

Starter Kit

4 proven All Natural Concentrates & Refillable Glass Spray Bottles! That are simple, beautiful to display and hold, that works amazing magic on granite & tile, glass, multi surfaces with all purpose degreaser and woods and floor! As a Starter Kit bonus, each kit comes with a color silicone glove on each spray bottle and our Hand Sanitizer (while supplies last.)


Subscription Concentrate Refills

Subscribe & save! Get concentrates shipped right to your door automatically as often as you choose! The timing is up to you!

Your Natural Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly power and eco-friendly style.
Beautiful glass spray bottles that are used over and over
with our 2 oz. concentrated refill vials.

How To Use

Each 2 oz. vial refills the spray bottle twice. Simply mix with water, shaken (not stirred) then use and enjoy.

Join our community

You Clean Girl!
A community that serves YOU!


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