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All Natural Dish Washer cleaned with Clean In Vogue products

All Natural Chemical Free Dish Washer Detergent

Something we might not really think about and have been in the habit of relying on big box store-bought dishwasher detergent powder or pods. There is always a reason to save money. Depending on how much home cooking you do and how many people you have in your household, you might run your dishwasher daily as I do!

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • The average price of one (1) name-brand dish detergent pod is $0.32.  Generic around $0.15 and I don’t know about you but I have not found generic brand dish detergent to get my dishes as clean as I’d like.
  • The three (3) ingredients are baking soda, citric acid, and washing soda. If you’d like to make it yourself, the recipe is ½ C. Baking Soda, 1 C. Washing Soda and ¼ C. Citric Acid.  You can add a few drops of essential oil, but it isn’t necessary.  Mix together in a bowl and store in an airtight container.  Put 1.5 TBSP. of the powder into either the bottom of your dishwasher or into the soap drawer. This costs only $0.08 per load!  This saves you $0.24 per load or about $8 a month, $87 a year while making your exposure and the environment contamination 100% clean.
  • Harmful chemicals in store-bought dishwasher pods

    Store-bought dishwasher pods often contain harmful chemicals, such as bleach, phosphates, and chlorine. These chemicals can be dangerous to skin, eyes, and lungs, and can cause allergic reactions. Some of the most common toxic ingredients in dishwasher pods are sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium silicate, polyvinyl alcohol, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium chloride. In addition, many dishwasher pods contain fragrances and essential oils that can irritate the skin and lungs.

  • findings on Cascade

    The EWG identifies Cascade as having high-concern ingredients in some of its products. These ingredients include cocamide DEA, a surfactant, and sodium lauryl sulfate, a foaming agent. Both of these ingredients have been linked to cancer, organ system toxicity, and skin irritation. EWG also notes that Cascade products are highly fragranced, and fragrances have been linked to allergies and immunotoxicity.

A Way to Save Money on Recurring Necessities in the Kitchen All Natural Chemical Free Dish Washer

I didn’t know what washing soda is until recently!  Washing soda (also known as sodium carbonate or soda ash) is a chemical compound that can be used to remove stubborn stains from laundry and is an essential component in most homemade laundry detergents for powder, liquid, or single-pod formulas. It is often used in industrial settings to clean mineral deposits from boiler tanks and in other cleaning and de-scaling applications.  It is pure and natural.  Manufactured by Arm & Hammer, they have been committed to the environment for over 120 years, to encourage the protection of wildlife.  They state on their packaging,

“Over the past 100 years, we have developed a number of innovative consumer products and industrial applications for purifying drinking water, reducing smokestack emissions, as well as, safely and effectively cleaning a wide varity of surfaces.”

It’s quite easy for us to be a part of these safety contributions to our world and Clean in Vogue is passionate about sharing these simple tips to help increase awareness and make it easy for us to maintain a more healthy environmentally conscious home.

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