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Most of us spend a fair amount of time in and around our kitchens.  It’s easy to clutter up the counter surfaces with this and that.  

Leaving out appliances can take up needed counter space and are not always the most attractive.  Then when the clutter around it stays, and there are no decorative accents or unique touches, it takes away from feeling really good, calm and inspired in the kitchen.

So here are nine (9) simple on trend steps you can choose from to level up your kitchen space!  These styling ideas are on trend and simple to incorporate into your home.

Trays & Bowls

Set out trays that are stored away to use as a vessel for things like fruits and vegetables, whole garlic bulbs look pretty in a wood bowl.  Other uses are car keys or tea related items like tea bags, sweetener, honey and teaspoons.  Woven trays are on trend right now and come in a bunch of sizes.  You can also find used ones at thrift shops or Good Will.  Beautiful bowls (this one is from Pottery Barn – I make no commission on the link) can be used for produce also, but I like to swap out seasonal décor such as succulents in the Summer, little pumpkins in the Fall, big Christmas tree bulbs in December, fabric hearts for Valentines Day.  You get the drift!

Decanter Food

Frequently used food or condiments, such as daily or weekly, look pretty stored in jars or canisters.  Items many of us use frequently are coffee, sweetener, honey, or olive oil.  But you could display unshelled walnuts or pretzel rods in apothecary jars.  Candy around a holiday look pretty in apothecary jars too!  Other ideas are home made muffins or cookies on a marble cake plate with a clear glass cover, salt in a salt cellar (Etsy has a nice selection), liquors in glass decanters on a bar area. 

Art Work

Sounds kind of basic but for some reason, the kitchen tends to be an area that can be easily forgotten to hang art, since our minds are on the food and there often are a lot of other things going on in the kitchen!  I like cheery art in my current kitchen, but don’t be afraid to hang something either inspirational, sentimental like framed photos or bold!  Clocks can act as art and be useful in this room. If you are low on wall space for whatever reason, the kitchen is a great room to prop artwork on a counter or piece of furniture against a wall.

Pretty pieces

Grouped various size cutting boards, wooden spoons, rolling pins, layered books, and seasonal mugs are a few ideas!  Using same color tones or actual material (i.e. wood) in groups lend to a sense of unity.  Vintage scales are useful but also super interesting and vintage if you’re into that look.  Wooden or glass risers are also a fun way to add interest and change heights.  I put my glass spray cleaning bottles on one near the sink.


I just love using linens hung, displayed, layered, or draped in the kitchen.  Towels are used of course to dry hands and dishes, but also can be the perfect touch draped across a basket or decorative plate along with perhaps some flowers or other decorative items.  The little wooden hand towel ladders can be found on Etsy, Wayfair, Amazon or your local flea market or home boutique!  Smaller linens such as wash clothes or reusable cleaning towels are pretty rolled and displayed in a bowl or basket.

Mini Lamps and accent lighting

I can’t remember the last time I did not have a little lamp sitting in a corner of my kitchen counter.  The reason is that first thing in the morning before the sun has come all the way up, or at night after we finish cleaning up after dinner, I like to turn off all the overhead lighting and keep that little lamp on.  It lends to such a sense of relaxation and cozy ambiance!  You can still see but it’s no super bright light stimulation!  Martha Stewart has a lovely article, Would You Put a Lamp in Your Kitchen? Interior Designers Say Yes—and Explain How to Choose and Style the Right One

Plants or Fresh Flowers

Succulents are low maintenance and fun to use in small spaces, added to other items, or stuck up on a window sill.    Either large, medium, or small flower vases with fresh arrangements in them really add beauty and cheer to your kitchen!


An appealing scented candle set out in your kitchen can help rid of food odors while it also gives you that chill vibe that’s nice to have when company comes or just for yourself after a stressful day.  To mix up the textures, set out a metal snuffer on top of a book or linen for extra added interest.

Clean & Declutter

The kitchen can sometimes become a “catch-all” for mail, bags, dirty dishes, and other miscellaneous things.  Tidying up every day or two helps keep those surfaces clear so you can enjoy these styling ideas, giving yourself, your family, and your friends a personalized experience in your home!

See my recent TikTok video on the 9 ideas to level up your kitchen!

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